About Theatre Adventure

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We love surprises! Creativity abounds in Theatre Adventure. We recognize that there are many ways to communicate and that everyone has a different voice with unique abilities and ideas. Finding moments for each participant to shine (both on stage and off stage) continually guides our work. We enjoy one another in a spirit of playfulness, creativity, and acceptance while bringing stories to life and basking in the magic of theatre! 


For many people with developmental challenges, being quiet in an audience can be difficult. Feeling comfortable in new situations can be challenging. Making sense of the theater lights, amplification of voices, characters that might seem scary, stage fighting, and more can be overwhelming. And yet, live theater is an opportunity that should be available to all. We offer “Sensory-Friendly” performances. The production remains the same. The difference is that special care is taken to prepare audience members for the experience of attending a live theater production. Before the show begins, the Director talks about the lights, sounds, costumes, and characters of the play in order to support the comfort level of audience members. There is a break room across from the performance hall for audience members who might need quiet space during part of the performance. A social story to help prepare audience members for the theater experience is available upon request anytime before the performance.